Can we make it through another season?


At some point maintenance costs, inefficient operations or safety issues will probably force you to repair, replace or renovate your pool.  Capri Pools & Aquatics can help you extend the life of your aquatic facility.


A Capri audit provides a detailed analysis of your facility, its physical condition, operations and personnel. We will provide a written report to itemize and prioritize issues, offer recommendations for extending the life of the pool or renovating and upgrading when it becomes necessary.


A Capri Pool analysis includes a review of:

  • Pool structure – Concrete/Stainless Steel
  • Interior pool surfaces
  • Deck surfaces and elevations
  • Piping systems and any existing leaks
  • Filtration systems
  • Chemical treatment
  • Pool markings and warning signage


Swimming pools eventually deteriorate, become obsolete or fail to meet safety codes. Call Capri to know where you are in the pool’s life cycle. By anticipating wear instead of waiting for a crisis you can protect the pool and the budget.