Capri Pools & Aquatics is a team of industry experts with the experience to make your facility the very best it can be. At Capri, we understand that every project is different. We look at each owner’s unique needs, interest in sustainability, and the various user or constituent visions of the project in order to find realistic solutions to satisfy everyone’s expectations while staying within budget.

Headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, we are licensed and have completed projects in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Ohio. We work regularly with the nation’s best aquatic engineers and builders and have amassed a wealth of knowledge and resources from these long-term relationships.

We pride ourselves on innovation. Our professional engineers and CAD operators have the latest equipment and training to create exceptional facilities and we work to add a new or unique touch to each project. We are knowledgable in all areas of aquatic design including concrete, plumbing, and water system maintenance. Our designers have the foresight to evaluate construction options and hydraulics prior to installation in order to prevent costly downtime later.

During construction, our project executives take responsibility for progress and meet regularly with the owner’s representatives to ensure communication is flowing and expectations are met. They assure that design staff work hand-in-hand with on-site construction superintendents to make the process seamless, on time, and within budget.

Meet the Team

Dave Wiecher | Vice President

Sherri Polys | Service Manager