Capri Can Make it Happen!


Swimming pool construction, especially concrete work, is complex and often the single most challenging component of a commercial aquatic project. Nearly every construction trade is on the job and they all require exceptional scheduling and coordination.


Quality workmanship can’t be rushed and yet there are deadlines to meet. Capri Pools & Aquatics is an expert at delivering an exceptional product on time and within budget. Our products last for generations without compromise or failure. Our experience with concrete means we understand the characteristics and quirks of concrete, the most basic of swimming pool materials.


Our team is comfortable with a number of concrete options including cast in place, form and pour, and shotcrete applications. It may sound obvious, but we make sure that every pool shell is watertight before we add the tile, paint or plaster finish. Finishes have many purposes but they are not intended to be sealants.  If the pool concrete is not water tight on its own, your pool will eventually leak. Capri makes sure the concrete is water tight “before” we place any pool finish.


It may not the most beautiful part, but a solid foundation is the most important. At Capri Pools & Aquatics our fine craftsmanship, quality control and attention to detail will assure a strong and long-lasting pool.