Maintaining thousands of pounds of water in facilities that will last for decades without failure or compromise is a very unique construction challenge. Capri Pools & Aquatics understands the characteristics and quirks of concrete. Whether we use cast in place, form and pour, or shotcrete applications, we make sure every pool is watertight before we add tile, paint, plaster or other finish.


Capri Pools & Aquatics also takes pride in exceptional scheduling and coordination. Nearly every construction trade is required on-site during aquatic construction and timing matters. We also work with a variety of suppliers and manufacturers so your pool or recreation site looks unique, never like a nearby facility or the last project we completed.

The key elements in swimming pool construction are:
The aquatics industry has made dramatic progress over the last 50 years, but many aquatics designers and builders are still using 20th century ideas and processes. Capri prides itself on innovation and new technology, bringing a unique touch to every project.
Good concrete work is the foundation for every Capri Pool. Our designers' work, with concrete contractors in St. Louis, has won awards for excellence in concrete from the Concrete Council. All Capri pump operators and shotcrete nozzlemen are trained and certified.
Our engineers and CAD operators are aquatics experts. They are specially trained and have extensive experience managing the unique challenges of pool construction. At Capri, we constantly seek new engineering technology and techniques to make your facility the best it can be.
Capri plumbers bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and foresight to every project. We review and evaluate hydraulics before installation, preventing costly downtime later. With Capri as your commercial swimming pool contractor, good plumbing is a priority.