Weekly Update/Blog2

Thank goodness, it appears that spring has finally sprung! With this, all of those “outdoor aquatics facilities” should start preparation for a summer of fun. A few helpful hints to add to your “to do” check lists.

  • Verify Pool finishes are prepared for another season of wear and tear. If questionable, seek advice from a professional.
  • Once you are confident freezing temps have passed, dewater your pool and verify all pool piping is flushed and clean of all debris and foreign material.
  • Pumps: Make sure all pumps are greased and lubricated per manufactures recommendations. Bump your pumps for a second or two to make sure they are not locked or seized.
  • Chemicals:  Order your chemicals early, the seasonal rush often times keeps your suppliers low are large quantities.
  • Chemical Controllers: Verify that your chemical probes are clean and prepared for the season to come. I always recommend purchasing extra probes in the event of a failure to avoid downtime.
  • Chemical Tubing: We always recommend replacing chemical tubing at the beginning of each season. Poly tubing is inexpensive and it’s always wise to be cautious.

For additional suggestions give Capri Pools a call. We would be happy to help you any way we can.